Details of all Weston Motorclub's Autotests and solos, as well as Auto Gymkanas. Come and test your car control skills in the foundation of motorsports.


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A popular, and the least expensive form of motor sport that gives competitors in both standard and specialised cars a chance to prove their car control against the clock. The surface is normally smooth, usually tarmac, and the accent is on driving ability by negotiating a set route between, through and around various obstacles normally in the form of plastic cones about 1 metre high. The trick is to be precise and tidy rather than sheer speed and during each test you may have to carry out reversing manoeuvres as well as having a go at handbrake turns and even reverse flicks; these skills allow you to turn through 180 degrees in either a forwards or reverse direction, very quickly thus saving that precious time. It is possible to learn these skills quite quickly and at any event there are always experts to help and advise.

Any roadworthy car can compete and every event has classes dependent on engine size, category of car and length. There are always classes especially for the basic road going car as well as the Autotest specials classes for the more experienced competitor. Drivers must be at least 14 years old to drive in the Production Car events that require the driver to carry a passenger to help and at least 16 years old to drive in ’normal’ Autotest when you can drive on your own. The costs of such events are normally around £20 for the entry fee plus the cost of a bit of wear and tear on the tyres. Some competitors go out and get hold of a set of spare wheels and suitable tyres from the local scrap yard to save their ’bests’ for road use. Once you have mastered the skill of basic Autotest you may then consider the ’upgrade’ to Autosolo and this style of event is run over an ’all-forward’ route of about 500 yards, quite a lot faster but still requires tidy precise control to achieve the best times Weston-super-Mare Motor Club run about 6 Autotests events each year and to be eligible to compete, all you have to do is become a member of Weston MC
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