"Subject","Start Date","Start Time","End Date","End Time","All day event","Location","Description" "Club Night","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Jon has secured a Racing Simulator, come along and have a go, fastest time wins a prize." "Club Night","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Club Night, Bernard on the Maps" "Kingston Autotest","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Our major Autotest. Now to include Classic Cars." "Tavern Skittles","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Tavern Motor Club Invite" "Committee Meeting","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Committee Meeting" "Autocross","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Autocross see Tim Walton or Mark Carrow" "November 12 Car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","The second round of this championship. Starts at the Queens, full details on the Road Rally Page." "Xmas Quiz","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","At the Queens, Teams of 4. Tickets available from Committee Members." "December 12 Car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Round 3 of the 12 Car Series." "Club Night","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Club Night ar the Queens" "January 12 Car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","January 12 Car" "Rally sprint","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Weston Airfield" "February 12 Car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","February 12 Car" "March 12 Car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","March 12 Car" "Club Night","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Club Night when we will be discussing our events for the coming months whilst enjoying friendly compoany and plenty of beer etc." "Ross Endurance Rally","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","The Ross endurance rally organised by the very experienced Simon Harris. Starts at Ross Market on the Saturday morning. Marshalls required." "WESTON AUTOCROSS","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","This will be our second autocross event of the year and as a 2 day event, it qualifies as two rounds of the Southern Councties Championship." "ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & AWARDS NIGHT","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Just giving you plenty of Notice of the AGM which this year will be combined with the Annual Awards Presentations. The meeting will take place in the Bar on the Grand Pier by kind permission of Kerry Michael." "Sandocross","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Sandocross - Autocross on sand." "12 car rally","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Here we are folks.Dates for the 2012-2013,12 car rallies and officials so far. Clerk of the coarse and secretary of meeting required for the March rally,volunteers please. Marshals also required for each event please. Regs and entry forms will be available to download shortly. November still TBC. Championship co-ordinator-Mark Palmer 29th November; Clerk of coarse TBC, Secretary of meeting;Simon Brace 13th December; Clerk of coaurse; Dave Thorpe, Secretary of meeting; Pete Bane 10th January; Clerk of coarse; Dave Axford, Secretary of meeting; Pete Bane 14th Febrary; Clerk of coarse; Tim Walton, Secretary of meeting; Pete Bane 14th March; TBC Points will be awarded as follows; 1st-12 points 2nd-11 points " " 12th-1 point Clerk of coarse-12 points Secretary of meeting-12 points Please put your entries in to the secretary of meeting with fee no later than 1 week before the event.Entries will not be accepted on the night.Have fun,see you there." "12 Car Rally","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","12 Car Navigation Rally. Approximately 50 miles all on Map 182." "BOXING DAY AUTOTESTS","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Post Christmas 'fun' event to shake off the effects of eating too much etc." "12 CAR RALLY","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Round 3 of the 12 Car Rally Series." "CLUB NIGHT","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Monthly 'Get-Together' with plenty to talk about as we plan for 2013." "FEBRUARY 12 CAR RALLY","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","12 Car Navigational Rally. 45 miles of competitive motoring across the lanes of the southern half of Map 182. Starts @ Ollie's Restuarant, Brent Knoll and finishes at Boat & Anchor, Huntworth." "CLUB NIGHT @ OLLIE'S RESTAURANT","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Our regular Club Night where members gather to drink and chat about all sorts and to discuss and plan future events. Members and non-members are all welcome." "CLUB NIGHT @ OLLIE'S RESTUARANT","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Our regular Club Night. Drink, natter and plan future events." "MARCH 12 CAR RALLY","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","12 Car Navigational Rally. Approximately 50 miles using the demanding Somerset lanes on lanes on Map 182." "Sandocross","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","A speed event over 4 laps of a 1000 metre course on Weston Sands between Royal Sands and Uphill. Up to 4 cars per run." "Club Night - venue t.b.a.","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Club members meet to discuss cars and events past and future. :D" "Club Night @ Ollies, Brent Knoll.","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Our regular club night when we chat about various club matters and plan for the future." "TRO-O-TEST (3 events in one)","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Open to all members of Weston-s-Mare Motor Club. This event combines rally navigation with slalom autotest and prodyction car trialling. A great day out for the family. Entry details from Tim Walton @ timothy-walton@sky.com" "Club Night @ Ollies Restaurant, Brent Knoll","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Weston MC's regular Club Night when members discuss all matters motor sport" "Evening Autotests - Weston Airfield","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Round 2 of the Weston MC Summer Series of Autotests. Free entry to new members joining the club at the event." "Autotests - Round 1 of Summer Series","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Round 1 of the Weston MC Summer Series of Autotests. Free entry to members joining the club at start of event." "Club Night - venue to be confirmed","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Our regular monthly get-together. Venue for this month to be confirmed." "Autocross - NSC Land @ Weston Airfield","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","Grass Autocross. Round of Southern Counties Autocross Championship." "november 12 car","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","1970-1-1","12:00:00 AM","","","12 car rally" General Error

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